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Board of Management

Dr. (MS) Gilian Rosemary Hart
President & Chairperson

Dr. (MS) GILLIAN ROSEMARY HART -PhD in Educational Administration, M.A. (English Hons) B.Ed. -Calcutta University.

She is presently the Director Of Education & CEO & Hony.Secretary -Welland Gouldsmith Schools, Kolkata and has also been the Principal of Welland Gouldsmith School, 288 B. B. Ganguly Street, Kolkata for over three and a half decades. ? Single handedly she nurtured a second branch of Welland Gouldsmith School in Patuli, which has been in existence for about a decade already. Both schools prepare the children for the ICSE and ISC examinations.

Having served in Anglo-Indian institutions for the entire duration of her professional career, she has vastly contributed to the educational needs of Anglo-Indian children. She was nominated as the Member of the Legislative Assembly of West Bengal for three consecutive terms to represent the Anglo-Indian community.

Having served for many years on the boards of many renowned Anglo-Indian Schools in Kolkata, she has the distinction of being the first Lady to be the Chairperson of the Board of La Martiniere Schools, Calcutta. She was also the first Lady to be the President of the Calcutta Rangers Club, as a matter of fact, the first Lady in Kolkata to be the President of a club.

She has won accolades for her service to education and in the social sphere as well, for which she has received many awards, at the national and international level.

Her association with Dr. Graham’s Homes commenced as a board member many years ago. Subsequently she was made the Vice-President of the board in and is today the first lady to take on the mantle as President and Chairperson of the Board of Management of Dr. Graham’s Homes, Kalimpong

As President and Chairperson of the Board of Management of Dr. Graham’s Homes, Kalimpong, she brings to the table her years of professional experience in the field of education.

She looks to the future with hope and a more meaningful relationship with all stakeholders in this wonderful journey of carrying Dr. graham’s Homes to greater heights.


Michael Shane Calvert

Michael Shane Calvert , M.A. (Eng); M.A. (Edn); B. Ed

Mr. Michael Shane Calvert is presently the Academic Administrator of the two Welland Gouldsmith Schools in Kolkata. He served as Principal of National Gems Higher Secondary School, Kolkata for 13 years and was also Headmaster of Dr. Graham's Homes from 1997 to 2002. He has been involved with schools for over three decades. He was inducted on to the board of Dr. Graham's Homes in 2012 and is presently the Vice President. He also serves on the board of St. Thomas' Schools, Kolkata and South City International School, Kolkata.

He is currently the President of the Calcutta Rangers Club, President of ALMA (Association of La Martiniere Alumni) and was the Vice President of the Calcutta Branch of the All India Anglo Indian Association and also Secretary of Association of Schools for the Indian School Certificate Examinations. He has also been associated with Council related matters having served as Inspector for affiliation of schools to the CISCE, New Delhi and also Coordinator for the ICSE Examinations in Kolkata.

He has also authored an ICSE English Language Practice Workbook; compiled and edited The Golden Lyre, a collection of poems prescribed for the ICSE; reviewed Books 5, 6, 7 and 8 of Oxford Reading Circle for Oxford University Press and has written Literature Readers for Grade 3, 4 and 5 for Oxford University Press. In 2011 he was nominated as a Member of the Legislative Assembly to represent the Anglo Indian community in the State of West Bengal.
Yuden Pempa Hishey

Yuden Pempa Hishey or ‘Yudenla’ as she is fondly known, has been associated with Dr Graham’s Homes for several years ever since her husband; the Late Tashi Pempa Hishey was associated with the Homes as Vice Patron. Apart from being a member of the Board of Management, Yuden Pempa Hishey is Chairperson and Convenor of the Local Advisory Committee of the Homes. She is in a way the “presence” of the Board of Management at Kalimpong.

She strives to give a fresh impetus to efforts to nurture and maintain the ethos of the Homes, especially during the turbulent times that the Darjeeling Hills have experienced. A most unassuming personality, who prefers to work quietly behind the scenes, her home in Kalimpong is always open, not only to members of the Board of Management, but also to visitors and OGB’s who make their pilgrimage to their Alma Mater.
Jayshree Pradhan

Jayshree Pradhan completed her education from Dr. Graham’s Homes in 1962, having studied there for three years, following which she graduated from St. Anthony’s College, Shillong with Honours in Chemistry. She also holds a Masters Degree in Chemistry, which she received in 1969.

Jayshree entered Government Service in 1974 and worked in various capacities in several Departments, such as Deputy Secretary and Joint Secretary in the Rural Development Department where she was involved in poverty alleviation programmes. She served as Managing Director, State Bank of Sikkim for over ten years during which she was also District Collector, East District from 1990 to 1993. Jayashree played a crucial role in initiating Municipal Acts in the State and in 2007, retired as Principal Secretary, Urban Development.

Since then she has been actively involved with several NGO’s, and is President, National Association for the Blind, Sikkim Branch. She is also President, Federation of Consumer Association, Sikkim, and Trustee, Ratna Pradhan Lt. Col. C. B. Pradhan Charitable Trust. Since its inception, in 1997, Jayashree has been the President of the Sikkim Grahamites Association. She was inducted in to the Board of Management, Dr. Graham’s Homes a few years ago.
Nava Ratna Pradhan

Nava Ratna Pradhan is Principal of the Scottish Universities Mission Institution, Kalimpong. He has a Masters Degree in English and a M.Ed. from North Bengal University.

He has been associated with the Homes for several years now.  Nava Ratna Pradhan is actively involved in the management of several schools and educational institutions. He is Secretary of the Church Education Board, Diocese of Eastern Himalayas, Church of North India and Member of the Managing Committee of St. George’s School, Pedong. Nava Ratna Pradhan is actively involved in the upliftment of the economically deprived, in the tea garden areas of Doars and the rural areas of Kalimpong.

James Simpson

James Simpson is the grandson of a Scottish teacher of that same name appointed in 1902 by the Founder as the first Headmaster of St Andrew's Colonial Homes School.

Following a visit to Dr Graham's Homes the previous year, in 2009  James first became involved with The Homes as Sponsorship Secretary for UK Committee, his task being to manage the interface between supported children and their Sponsors. Whilst continuing in that role, he also served as UK Chairman for a four-year period between 2011 and 2015 before reverting to his original brief.

In 2012 James was appointed to the Kolkata Board of Management as International Member representing all Overseas Committees. In that capacity he holds the specific brief of co-ordinator of the Sponsorship Scheme supporting all sponsored children throughout Dr Graham's Homes. Accompanied by his wife, Patricia, James visits The Homes at least once a year as together they work with Board and Management seeking to help improve conditions of Classroom and Cottage for all sponsored children.

James is a Chartered Civil Engineer by profession holding a BSc degree from University of Glasgow, Scotland, where he spent most of his professional life on both sides of that industry in turn; as the consultant and as the contractor. His professional expertise was brought into play at the time of the earthquake that hit the Kalimpong campus in September 2011, his on-the-spot advice assessments of structural condition guiding the direction of the immediate recovery work with particular consideration for the safety of children and staff.
Hilda Peacock

Mrs. Hilda Peacock has had a long association with School Education. She was Principal of Dr. Graham’s Homes from 2011-2014 and Principal for La Martiniere for Girls from 1999 to 2011. She is currently the Vice-Master of Serampore College and serves on the Board of World Vision India and is Chairperson of the Leadership Development Programme of Compassion East India.

She serves on the Board of severals school and enjoys working with children and young people.

 Praful Rao

Wg. Cdr. Prafulla Rao (retd.) is an OGB of 1967 batch and did his BSc (Hons) Chemistry from St Joseph’s College, North Point, Darjeeling.

He joined the Indian Air Force in 1975 and was awarded the President of India’s Trophy for Best Officer Cadet in his course. In the IAF, he worked as a radar controller and later taught Air Traffic Control in the ATC School at Air Force Academy, Hyderabad where he was posted as Chief Instructor. He took voluntary retirement from the Air Force in the year 1997, and has since been involved in many social issues of this region.

In 2007, he founded the NGO “SaveTheHills” (STH) which is an organization working on the serious landslide problem of the Darjeeling – Sikkim Himalaya and the many environmental issues which affect the mountains. STH is the recipient of numerous awards both at the local and national levels.

He is a passionate photographer."