Expression of Interest (EOI) in Developmental Activities in Dr Graham’s Homes

The Dr Graham’s Homes is unlike any other school and has besides the academic departments - assets, land and manpower which are truly extraordinary. The pandemic has suddenly brought about harsh new realities that the academic side alone will not be able to cope with the humungous financial burden of this juggernaut institution and has compelled the management to think of novel means to cultivate the other assets for revenue generation.

In order to take the Homes out of its present financial straits and also to making it grow into a self-reliant Charitable Christian Missionary Educational Institution, the Board of Management has resolved at a special meeting held online on 21st March 2021 to develop the assets and infrastructure of the Homes both at Kalimpong and in Kolkata with a view to raising revenue for sustaining itself and for developing the institution in accordance with the aims and objectives of its Charter.

Towards this end, the Development Committee (DGH) formed by the Board for overseeing such work either at Kalimpong or Birkmyre Hostel, Kolkata invites an Expressions-of-Interest from eligible partners and parties by public notice for preliminary examination of proposals and negotiations, subject to the final approval of the Board of Management, Dr Graham’s Homes.

It has also been resolved that such development shall be done in complete transparency and the revenue so raised shall strictly be applied only towards charitable purposes in accordance with the Memorandum of Association of Dr Graham’s Homes. Interested and eligible parties are requested to register themselves with the Development Committee in the form available stating.

Michael Shane Calvert,
President Board of Management
& Chair, Development Committee, Dr Graham’s Homes,

Interested parties have to register first in order to submit a proposal Register Here