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Dear Dr. Syiemlieh ,

It gives me great pleasure to send you congratulations and good wishes from the Board of Management of Dr. Graham's Homes, Kalimpong, on your
appointment as Chairman of the UPSC.

It is indeed a proud achievement for you and for DGH and everyone at the Homes are really happy and thrilled for you. We are sure that you will do
an excellent job in your new assignment and we assure you of our best wishes and prayers for your continued success.

I also take this opportunity to inform you that all of us would deem it a great honour and privilege if you would be able to attend either the May Fair or the Home's Birthday Celebrations as Chief Guest this year. Given your busy schedule, I leave it to your convenience . The Principal  will inform you of the dates and you may decide on the most convenient. I'm sure your presence will mean a lot to the staff and children and will be a great encouragement to them.

With warm regards and congratulations once again,

Yours sincerely,

Dr. (Ms.) Gillian Rosemary Hart,
Dr. Graham's Homes,