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1900 Rev. Dr. John Anderson Graham leases 100 acres of land from the Government on the slopes of the Deolo Hills, east of Kalimpong and lays the foundation of St. Andrew’s Colonial Homes in Kalimpong on 24th September, 1900.
1901 The first Overseas Committee – the February Scottish Committee – is formed.
1901 The first building in the compound – Woodburn Cottage – is inaugurated on 4th November, 1901 by the Lt. Governor of Bengal, Sir John Woodburn.
1901 The first India-based Committee – The Cawnpore Committee – is formed.
1902 Elliott Cottage, named after Sir Charles Elliott, is inaugurated on 4th November, 1902 by the Lt. Governor of Bengal,  Sir John Woodburn.
1902 The Bourdillon School is inaugurated by Mr. A Pedler, Director of Public Instruction, Bengal.
1903 Mr. J. Simpson is appointed the first Head Master.
1903 Calcutta Cottage is opened by Lady Bourdillon on 30th September, 1903.
1903 Sir Charles Allen opens the Christison Farm Steading on 29th October, 1903.
1904 The first pupil – Henry Edmunds – passes out from the Homes.
1904 Strachan Cottage is inaugurated by Mr. Robert Laidlaw of Whiteaway, Laidlaw & Co. on 12th January, 1904.
1904 Sir Andrew Fraser, Lt. Governor of Bengal inaugurates the Waterworks on 5th November, 1904.
1905 Thorburn Cottage is inaugurated on 9th June, 1905 by Mr. E. A. Gait.
1905 James Patterson Memorial Workshop opens.
1906 Jarvie Hall is inaugurated on 24th April, 1906 by Sir L. Hare, officiating Lt. Governor of Bengal.
1906 Bene Cottage is inaugurated on 15th June, 1906 by Mr. Earle, Director of Public Instruction for Bengal.
1907 The second wing of the Bourdillon School is opened.
1908 Mr. James Purdie takes up the position of Secretary of the Homes.
1908 Miss L Steel inaugurates the Steel Memorial Hospital and Sanitorium on 4th February, 1908.
1908 The Demonstration Farm Building opens in May 1908.
1908 The Pugh Gymnasium opens on 31st October, 1908.
1908 Fraser Hostel is inaugurated on 31st October, 1908 by Mr. R T Greer.
1910 Lucia King Cottage is inaugurated on 24th September, 1910 by the Hon. Mr. F. A. Slacke, President of the Homes.
1912 Macgregor Cottage is inaugurated on 15th June, 1912 by Mr. P. C. Lyon.
1912 The Memorial Stone of the Queen Mary Block is laid by Lord Carmichael on 5th October, 1912.
1912 Scottish Canadian Cottage is inaugurated by Rev. Robert Stevenson on 23rd December, 1912.
1914 - 1918 Boys of the Homes fight for the British Empire during the First World War.
1915 Edinburgh Cottage is inaugurated by Lord Carmichael, Governor of Bengal on 2nd June, 1915.
1919 Katherine Graham, beloved wife of Rev. Dr. John Anderson Graham, passes away on 15th May, 1919.
1921 Lord Baden Powell, the founder and leader of the worldwide Scout movement, visits the Homes on 27th February, 1921.
1925 The Homes celebrates its Silver Jubilee.
1925 The Katherine Graham Memorial Chapel is inaugurated by Lord Lytton, Governor of Bengal on 24th September, 1925.
1927 The Homes expands its operations to Calcutta with the opening of the Birkmyre Hostel on 14th January, 1927.
1929 A legacy worth Rs.900,000 is donated to the Homes by the estate of Sir Robert Laidlaw, helping the Homes out of financial difficulty.
1930 Ahava Guest House is inaugurated in April 1930.
1931 The Rev. Dr. John Anderson Graham retires from his mission work in Kalimpong and comes to live in the compound.
1931 Rev. Dr. John Anderson Graham is made Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland, and spends a year there fulfilling his various duties before returning to Kalimpong.
1936 The Willingdon Farm House and Agricultural Hostel are opened.
1937 Rev. Dr. John Anderson Graham undertakes a world tour, visiting OGBs and overseas friends of the Homes.
1939 Rev. Dr. John Anderson Graham celebrates the Golden Jubilee of the Homes in Kalimpong.
1939 Jubilee House is inaugurated by Rev. Foss Westcott.
1939 - 1945 Boys of the Homes fight for the British Empire during the Second World War.
Rev. Dr. John Anderson Graham passes away on 15th May, 1942, exactly 23 years after his beloved wife, Katherine, went to her Maker.
1944 Rev. James E. Duncan is appointed Superintendent of the Homes on 5th June, 1944.
1947 India gains her Independence from the British Empire – the Tricolour is raised above Jarvie Hall on 15th August, 1947.
1947 St. Andrew’s Colonial Homes is re-named Dr. Graham’s Homes on 1st October, 1947 and its constitution is amended to allow 40% non-Anglo-Indian children into the School.
1950 The Homes celebrates its Golden Jubilee.
1950 A system of sponsorship begins with the East India Charitable Trust partially sponsoring 25 children.
1952 Overseas sponsorship of children begins with the Christian Children’s Fund Inc. U.S.A., which takes on partial support of 250 children.
1952 Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, Prime Minister of India, visits the Homes on 30th April, 1952.
1957 Rev. Ewan Traill becomes the first Principal of the Homes.
1957 His Holiness, The Dalai Lama visits the Homes in January 1957.
1958 Lady Edwina Mountbatten visits the Homes and is enchanted by the children at Lucia King Cottage.
1961 Mr. James R. Minto takes over as Principal from Rev. Ewan Traill.
1961 Bhutanese children and Tibetan refugee children are admitted for the first time.
1961 The Cambridge Examination system is replaced by the Indian School Certificate (I.S.C.) in December, 1961.
1963 The Chinese invade North-East India and the remaining school children are evacuated to Gopalpur, Orissa.
1968 Floods wash away the Rilli Bungalow and adversely affect the entire Kalimpong area.
1971 Mr. Bernard Brooks takes over as Principal from Mr. James R. Minto.
1971 Mr. Robert H. Wright takes over as Chairman and President of the Board of Management.
1972 The First International Conference of Overseas Committees and the Board of Management is held in Kalimpong.
1975 The Homes celebrates its 75th birthday.
1976 The Delhi-based Indian Schools Certificate (10+2) is introduced.
1977 The Christian Children’s Fund, U.S.A., discontinues its support of 300 children of the Homes, plunging the School into a financial crisis.
1977 The Central Kitchen is opened; meals cease to be cooked and served in Cottages.
1979 Mr. K. S. Italia takes over as Chairman.
1987 Mr. Robert H. Wright is reappointed as Chairman and President of the Board of Management.
1988 Mr. Howard O’Connor takes over as Principal from Bernard Brooks in January 1988.
1988 A record forty-day “bandh” is called throughout the District; the Homes is closed for six months from 10th February 1988.
1994 The Second International Conference of Overseas Committees and the Board of Management is held in Kalimpong.
1994 Mr. Michael J. Robertson takes over as Chairman and President of the Board of Management of the Homes in May 1994.
1995 Centenary Cottage is inaugurated.
1998 The Third International Conference of Overseas Committees and the Board of Management is held in Kalimpong.
1999 The Greenhouse Project – sponsored by the Dr. Graham’s Homes Japan Committee – is established.
2002 Mr. David Foning appointed Bursar of the Homes.
2003 The Extended Sponsorship Programme is put in place, sponsoring students to pursue college education. Hostel arrangements are made in Kolkata for college-going alumni of the Homes.
2004 The Children’s Choir – ‘The Children’s City in Concert’ – performs in Kolkata. This is the start of a series of concerts in Kolkata held in December every year to packed audiences.
2005 Murray Cottage inaugurated and the Homes Museum is established.
2006 Thorburn Cottage is rebuilt.
2006 Children of Dr. Graham’s Homes perform with the Miyazaki – Junior Orchestra in Japan.
2007 The Children’s Choir of the Homes undertakes a concert tour of the United Kingdom and Scotland and receives rave reviews.
2007 Mr. Monomoy Banerjee, Managing Member and Secretary to the Board, passes away after decades of dedicated service. He was associated with the Homes for 43 years.
2007 An International BPO Academy is set up at the Homes to help children acquire skills for careers in the BPO industry.
2008 The Fourth International Conference of Overseas Committees and the Board of Management is held in Kolkata in April 2008.
Presidents, Board of Management
1901-1902 Sir John Woodburn, K.C.S.I.
1902-1903 The Hon. J. A. Bourdillon, C.S.I.
1903-1909 Sir Andrew Fraser, K.C.S.I.
1909-1911 The Hon. W. C. Macpherson, C.S.I.
1911-1912 The Hon. F. A. Slacke, C.S.I.
1912-1915 Sir William Duke, K.C.I.E.
1915-1917 The Hon. P. C. Lyon, C.S.I.
1917-1922 Mr. W. R. Gourlay, C.I.E.
1922-1928 Sir Alexander Murray, K.T.C.B.
1928-1933 Mr. W. L. Travers, C.I.E., M.L.C.
1933-1937 Sir Robert Reid
1937-1942 Mr. F. W. Robertson, C.I.E., C.S.I.
1942-1946 Mr. B. Studd
1946-1947 Sir John Burder, K.I.
1947-1948 Mr. G. W. G. Liddle
1949-1953 Mr. R. J. Clough
1953-1955 Mr. P. Banyard
1955-1957 Mr. J. F. E. D. A. Willis, O.B.E.
1957-1963 Mr. N. S. Coldwell, M.C., O.B.E.
1963-1966 Mr. J. V. Jardine-Paterson
1966-1968 Mr. A. J. K. Henderson
1968-1971 Mr. B. W. M. Clarke
1971-1980 Mr. R. H. Wright
1980-1985 Mr. K. S. Italia
1985-1987 Mr. A. D. Khan, I.C.S.
1988-1995 Mr. R. H. Wright, O.B.E.
1995  to 2010 Mr. M. J. Robertson
2010 to 2015 Lt. Gen J.R.Mukherjee.
2016 to date Dr. Ms. Gillian Hart
Secretaries / Bursars/Administrators
1908-1946 Mr. J. Purdie
1946-1947 Col. J. P. MacDonald
1957-1958 Mr. Edward Berry
1961 Mr. H. N. Prager, F.C.A., B.A.
1961-1967 Mr. H. M. Pradhan, M.Sc.
1968-1975 Mr. G. W. Maycock
1976-1978 Lt. Col. H. R. H. Daniell, M.Ed.
1979-1985 Gp. Capt. S. K. Mukerji
1985-1987 Lt. Col. C. A. Hoffland
1987 Mr. Azaria
1987-1989 Lt. Cdr. S. John, M.Sc., M.Ed.
1989-1990 Lt. Col. R. J. Nair
1991-1992 Mr. B. Cecil, B. Com.
1993-1998 Lt. Col. J. S. Dhinsa
1998-2002 Maj. P. Seth, B.Tech., B.Sc.
2002  to 2012 Mr. D. Foning, M.A.
2012-2014 Lt. Col. R.M. Pradhan.
2014-to date Col. A.K.Gogoi.
1900-1903 Miss Counsel
1903-1932 Mr. J. Simpson
1932-1951 Mr. J. T. Lloyd, B.A.
1951-1955 Mr. R. Muir, M.A.
1955-1958 Mr. D. A. Ross, B.Sc., M. Ed
1958-1961 Mr. J. R. Minto, M.A., M.Ed.
1961-1971 Mr. B. T. Brooks, M.A., T.D.
1971-1977 Mr. K. G. Ipe, B.Sc., Dip. Ed.
1977-1986 Mr. M. Banerjee, M.A., B.T.
1986-1990 Mr. L. Lama, M.A., B.Ed.
1991-1993 Mr. F. Freese, M.A., T.T.C., B.Ed.
1993-1994 Mr. P. K. M. Roy, M.A., B.Ed.
1995-1996 Mr. L. J. Fuller, M.A., T.T.C., B.Ed.
1997-2002 Mr. M. S. Calvert, M.A., B.Ed.
2004-2006 Mr. R. Monteiro, M.A., B.Ed.
2009  to 2015 Mr. S. L. Banerjee, M.Com., ICWA, B.Ed.
2016 to date Mr. Neil Monteiro ,M.A Dip. Edn.
Superintendents and Principals
1900-1942 Rev. Dr. J. A. Graham, M.A., C.I.E., D.D., LL.D  
1942-1944 Mr. J. Purdie  
1944-1956 The Rev. J. A. Duncan, M.A.  
1957-1961 The Rev. E. G. S. Traill, M.C.  
1961-1971 Mr. J. R. Minto  
1971-1988 Mr. B. T. Brooks, M.A., T.D.  
1988-1996 Mr. H. O’Connor, M.A., M.Ed.  
1996-2003 Mr. L. J. Fuller, M.A., T.T.C., B.Ed.  
2006-2008 Mr. A. Sampayo, M.A., M.Ed.  
2008-2011 Mr. P. Gibson  
2011-2013 Mrs. H. Peacock  
2013 to 2015 Col. P.C. Thapa.  
2016 to 2017 Mr. Brian Robbins M.A B.Ed
2017 to date Mr Ganga Raj Tamang Bsc.B.Ed. PGDEE