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Overseas Committees
Over the years, Dr Graham’s Homes has been fortunate to have received the support of several Overseas Committees made up of friends and well wishers,  inspired by the vision and mission of Reverend John Anderson Graham and brought together by their deep and abiding love for children. Apart from contributing to developing and maintaining the infrastructure of the Homes, these Overseas Committees help in sponsoring a large number of children at the Homes, making it possible for them to complete their entire school education and equip themselves for life beyond.  More than anything else, these Overseas Committees see themselves as stakeholders and an integral part of the Homes, partnering the other stakeholders in the journey to take the mission of Reverend John Anderson Graham forward. 
Approximately 350 students from Nursery to Class XII at Dr Graham’s Homes are currently supported and a major portion of these sponsorships is arranged by the various Overseas Committees. These Committees find sponsors for children and provide them with a convenient platform to engage in sponsorship. This is in addition to several sponsorships arranged by the Committees themselves, by raising funds through a variety of fund raising activities held throughout the year. Committees also help raise funds for important projects at the Homes such as water harvesting projects, drinking water projects, renovation of Cottages, building of new Cottages, additions to the school building, improvement of school infrastructure, vocational training, community extension programmes etc. Some of the Overseas Committees also work in tandem with OGB’s Associations, to provide assistance and support to the Homes.