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School Anthem
Forward O youth!
Forever advancing,
Look to horizons far,
Eyes do not grope
In depth of night
That look on a shining star,
Nations, fearful in apartness,
Need your sight to light their darkness,
Look up, O youth forever advancing,
Look to horizons far.
Waken! This hour is no time for sleeping
Welcome the rising sun,
Nations are stirring out of their slumbers;
Great is the work undone.
Waken sisters! Waken brothers!
Rise up now, and waken others!
Welcome the morn; a new day is born
When people shall live as one.
Go on with singing over the land,
Wherever the roadways lie.
Freedom shall be the theme of your song,
The watchword of peace your cry;
Equal right for every brother,
Lands at peace with one another,
Loyal to truth, the singing of youth,
Shall echo from hill to sky.